James Jacobsen

Accelerates to a Nursing Degree

Attending the University of Houston

I am a second-degree nursing student in the accelerated program at the Sugar Land campus. I received my first degree in biology at Rice University. I chose UH because it is the fastest and I think the best nursing program in Texas.

The Benefits of Receiving a Scholarship

I received the Vivian L. Smith Foundation Scholarship for academic excellence. As an older student, I don't have the financial support of my parents, so this scholarship means a lot to me in terms of helping with the cost.

Campus Life

I attend UH LGBTO Center events and have really enjoyed connecting with that community. I hope to be an official mentor with them later this year when that application opens. The love and intensity I receive from my professors really motivated me to go out to the clinical sites, ask more questions, do more for patients and be fully present in the experience.

Career Goals

I want to be a nurse in an operating room. My goal is to get into a great nursing residency program where I can learn and develop skills in the OR, then go back to school to pursue a nurse practitioner's degree.


I would love to come back after I graduate and talk to new cohorts in my same program about my experience and hopefully give them some advice and encouragement. A lot of people think this 11-month program is kind of crazy, so it is invaluable to have someone tell you can do it.

Educational Goals

I hope to learn how to care for and advocate for patients! I want to develop my reasoning skills as a nurse so I can make the best decisions when I am caring for people in the hospital.