Like Father, Like Son

Beyer Distinguished Lecture Series highlights career diversity

Bubba Beyer wants civil engineering students at the University of Houston to know that there’s more to this career path than sitting behind a desk drawing up blueprints.

“It’s essential to know how the world works and how different jobs interact with engineering,” Beyer said.

The Cullen College of Engineering Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Spring 2024 Beyer Distinguished Lecture Series intends to address those thoughts.

The series will run every Friday through the end of April, with speakers and topics to illustrate the range of possibilities an engineering degree can bring.

The photos below show Professor Christine Ehlig-Economides's lecture Hydrogen Value Chain on February 9th.

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“My dad started the Distinguished Lecture Series back in 2012,” said Beyer. “He was very involved in civil engineering and loved UH. He passed away a few years ago, and my mom and I decided to restart it as part of our pledge to the University. We’re dividing the funding between our family endowment and the civil engineering series.”

The elder Beyer, Charles (BSCE ’72, MSCE ’77), launched the initial series in the mid-1970s as a means of illustrating the many potential careers open to engineering students.

“My dad was big into the diversity of careers that UH engineering graduates pursued,” Bubba Beyer said. “It wasn’t just civil or petroleum; he wanted students to see and hear the different stories of what you can do with a degree from UH. He wanted people to know that you don’t have to be limited or pigeon-holed in the types of work you do.”

The Charles A. Beyer Houston Contractors Association Civil Engineering Endowed Scholarship is up and rolling, funding several engineering students.

“We want to continue helping,” Beyer said. “Our commitment is to sponsor this lecture series for the long term.” 

Beyer, vice president at Beyer Construction, says that he’s always looking for graduates to hire, and it’s especially nice when they have a broader life experience than just classroom learning.

“The more well-rounded the students, the more attractive they are to potential employers,” Beyer said. “There are a number of business owners in Houston who will be attending this lecture series, both to learn about new trends and to network with the students who will be graduating.

“The students graduating from UH with a civil or environmental engineering degree will learn many possible areas of focus their career can involve. And maybe it’s not just engineering. Their knowledge and networking could branch off and lead in very different directions. Learning about marketing, sales, law and planning, combined with technical knowledge, can open so many doors.” Beyer says that there is great excitement surrounding the lecture series. Students will expand their knowledge, and employers are interested in creating a pipeline of future employees.

“Scoping out the talent isn’t the primary purpose of these lectures, but I know that several of my peers will be attending,” Beyer said. “It’s a great networking opportunity that builds on engineering principles.”


The UH Cullen College of Engineering, Spring 2024 Civil and Environmental Engineering Beyer Distinguished Lecture Series is held Fridays from 2:30-4 p.m. in Room S105. There is no admission charge. Each lecture counts for one hour of continuing education credit towards licensure.

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